Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This condition becomes a problem after a pain condition has become chronic. It is a syndrome in which the body site affected goes through a number of stages characterised by swelling, increased pain to the touch, discolouration and reduced blood flow often causing Reynaud's phenomena (mottled blue and red skin discolouration and a cold clammy feel to the skin.)

If this condition has been left untreated for quite a long time, it can become difficult to resolve in some situations. Our clinicians will work as part of a multidisciplinary approach alongside medical specialists to help the patient develop ways of coping with the pain initially but then working on reducing it. However, it is important that normal movement and flexibility be maintained in the area affected by chronic regional pain and in the short term this can prove difficult for the patient who finds movement painful. Our clinicians do provide some assistance to help the patient avoid the natural tendency to be overly protective of the painful area.